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Dolo Gosselin
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Wiggles kickthepj

Wiggles the clown, aka KickthePj. I usually don't like clowns. actually normally I find them creepy and annoying. But I have a special place in my heart for wiggles.

Dan Phil Peej and Chris. Best YouTubers on earth! - Fantastic Foursome

The Fab Foursome (Danisnotonfire, Kickthepj, Amazingphil, Crabstickz)

the boys :)

the crew (the boys) kickin it in L. I think that shirtless-ness should be required for these 6 ;

KickthePJ and Crabstickz <3

Chris Kendall and Pj Ligouri. Apart of The Fantastic Foursome along with Dan Howell and Phil Lester. Chris and Kendall are shipped together. Their ship name is Kickthestickz. We have much proof their love is real.