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Jane Fonda: Life's third act | TED Talk |

TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: Within this generation, an extra 30 years have been added to our life expectancy -- and these years aren’t just a footnote. Jane Fonda asks how we can re-imagine this new phase of our lives. Infographic: Chakra Meditation

Basic description and instructions for Chakra Meditation, used to open, clear, align and balance energy centers and bring about healing, health and wellness. Using the chakras as a framework for emotional healing and shadow work is very effective!

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of lost ancient sites lie buried and hidden from view. Satellite archaeologist Sarah Parcak is determined to find the.

Framed Poster

Show off your posters with class. Now you can offer designs that already come in frames - it just makes life that much easier. Printed on thick, durable, matte


Stylish, durable, and a hot fashion staple. These polyester/spandex leggings are made of a comfortable microfiber yarn, and they'll never lose their stre

iPhone case

This case is sleek and light. Its solid, one-piece construction fits your phone perfectly, and it's easy to snap on and off.

Col. ChrisHadfield

he's not happy being just an asTroNaut . Commander of SpaceStation rockets down to LondonOnt to thrill crowds at

Stratford - river Avon - Shakespeare

had the pleasure of once again visiting Shakespeare's homeTown-lookAlike in Ontario (Canada)