Gruau d’avoine à l’orange & aux pistaches

Oatmeal Orange & pistachio - another winter favourite. I'm a bit obsessed with oatmeal.


Muffins au gruau & aux pommes


Mini quiches jambon & fromage à la manière d'un muffin


Poulet à la moutarde, herbes fraiches & riz à la ciboulette

When I got to the cottage, I realized that I'd accidentally bought boneless, skinless chicken thighs, and that's not at all what I wanted.


Biscuit aux pépites de chocolat dans une tasse

Just like my mug brownie, this cookie will perfectly satisfy sugar cravings.


Gruau d’avoine, chia, yogourt, érable & framboises


Brownies au chocolat, érable & haricots blancs

I adore sweet treats but am also health-conscious, so I love this brownie recipe. It tastes like the real thing but doesn't contain butter, flour, or dairy products.


Boulettes de dinde façon thaï


Boulettes de viande à la suédoise

The best part of going to IKEA is absolutely the Swedish meatballs. Every time I go, I always try to convince my boyfriend to stay for lunch so I can enjoy some sublimely delicious meatballs, ha, ha!


Curry de saumon, lait de coco & yogourt

Salmon Curry with Coconut Milk and Yogurt -- Used basa fish, added an extra tomato, spinach, potatoes and carrots.


Brownie dans une tasse

Brownie dans une tasse: tried it, died and went to heaven!


Galettes de pommes de terre, ricotta & yogourt au miel

I'm always looking for new brunch ideas and I often wonder what to do with the last few potatoes left in the bag. If you've ever wondered the same thing, you'll love the efficiency of this recipe.


Barres tendres sans cuisson

Three times a day, by Marilou and Alexandre, offers original recipes and stylish and personalised art table ideas.


Carrés d’avoine, caramel, chocolat noir & canneberges

Three times a day, by Marilou and Alexandre, offers original recipes and stylish and personalised art table ideas.