Canada Day inspired Drink. Ice, Sprite, Cranberry juice. Could do similar with an Italian soda.

Canada Day inspired Drink: Ice, Sprite, Cranberry (or pomegranate) juice, strawberries.

Kit Kat canada day cake

Kit Kat Canada Day Cake

Easy Canada Day Dessert Idea: Kit Kat Canada Day Cake Recipe - Looking for a cake that is not all about strawberries? Well this Kit Kat cake is for you!

white chocolate and raspberry bites, so quick and easy and delicious ! bring on fresh berry season !

Another Pinner said: white chocolate raspberry bites. I've done this with just regular chocolate chips and they're yummy, can't wait to try this version for a sweet treat! Oh, and there are other cute V-day ideas on this site.

Strawberry Custard Tarts...aka.Timtarts! -Now there's the perfect dessert for Canada Day! Can't get more Canadian than a nostalgic TimTart.

Strawberry Custard Tarts aka Tim Tarts

Inspired by the famous Tim Horton& Strawberry Tim Tarts from decades ago, these dessert tarts are sure to hit a nostalgic note; ideal for for Canada Day.

"Made in Canada" necklace (pinned by

Made in Canada Maple Leaf necklace II

Raspberry-Cheesecake-Popsicles, great for a Canada Day picnic

Canada Day Crafts (1st of July Ideas

Top 10 Things and more that you should know about Canada

On Canada Day The Dominion Institute released the results of a national survey of what Canadians felt were the 101 people, places, symbols, events and accomplishments that most define Canada. On October the Dominion Institute and Key Po

National Flag of Canada Day: A look at the forgotten runners-up to the beloved Maple Leaf

Chretien remembers fight over Canadian flag design as he marks anniversary with Trudeau

Happy Canada Day! (Busy Girl's Summer Nail Art Challenge Week 2 - Glitter) ~ Chantal's Corner

I’m so excited to show you my Canada Day nails because I’m thrilled with how they turned out! Back in December I had done this exact same glitter gradient (minus the l…

EAT THIS: Anne DesBrisay stumbles upon tasty (and adorable!) Canada Day Cookies |

By Anne DesBrisay I popped in for a loaf of bread. But there they were, arrestingly red, standing on guard, tall and proud on a Boko Bakery cookie sheet, a

Matthew with his Canada Day gifts from his family (Alfred, Arthur, and Francis). Trust those guys to do something like this, though :P - Art by アミカー on Tegaki

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Canada (カナダ) - Matthew with his Canada Day gifts from his family (Alfred, Arthur, and Francis).

"Seconds. Days. Months. I counted them all."  In which Canada suffers from abandonment issues, and he always count the time when Prussia goes somewhere. Whether Prussia leaves to buy more coffee, or when he travels back home to help his brother, Canada will start counting.

I counted them all." In which Canada suffers from…