Torn Flower Craft ~ Veteran’s Day or Remembrance Day Poppy for Kids

Memorial Day may be known as the unofficial start to summer! However, it's very important to understand why it is such a special day,.

July 2 Stories & Crafts.  Easy Soldier Craft.  Brought to you by the Kids Library at

Soldier Craft

Easy Soldier Craft for Veteran's Day.simple shapes Veterans Day craft for kids, using finger prints of all shades of greens and browns for camo

Remembrance Day - craft for kids

This morning we learned a little about Remembrance Day (coming up this Monday on November I always feel a little bit awkward talkin.

Remembering the unknown soldiers coloring pages

Here comes some of the amazing pages and cliparts images of anzac day for coloring .children enjoy celebration of anzac day 2017 by colo.