Tom He's Brilliant with colour!

Sunset, 1915 Tom Thomson Canadian, 1877 - 1917 oil on grey wood-pulp board x cm Bequest of Dr. MacCallum, Toronto, 1944 National Gallery of Canada (no.

J.E.H. MacDonald, 1924. Why have I not ever heard of this artist or the Group of Seven?!  They are Canadian and unfortunately art can be treated in a very regional manner...from border to border.  Very Frustrating.  I wondered why I only see many painters when I travel and not here in usa in our museums.  It works both ways .....also.

Reproduction with Oil painting effect of painting made by MacDonald J E H - Lake Mcarthur Yoho Park 1924

Thomas John "Tom" Thomson (1877-1917) He directly influenced the group of Canadian painters that would come to known as The Group of Seven. Thomson disappeared during a canoeing trip on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park on July8,1917, and hid body was discovered in the lake eight days later.

oldfishingphotos: “ Tom Thomson Fishing in Ontario Ontario artist Thomson influenced a group of Canadian painters that would come to be known as the Group of Seven and was a expert outdoorsman and.

Lake O'Hara, J.E.H. MacDonald (Group of Seven)

artgalleryofontario: Lake O’Hara, 1930 J. MacDonald (Canadian) Painting, oil on canvas, x cm The Thomson Collection © Art Gallery of Ontario

Lawren Harris - Shimmering water Algonquin Park (Group of Seven Artist)

Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris Shimmering water Algonquin Park, Canadian Group of Seven artists