Crafting rag rugs - Fogo Island Inn

The CBC's Zach Goudie introduces you to the people and ideas behind the Fogo island Inn.

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Fogo Island: Travel to Canada's hidden paradise and artists' haven

Quilt work by Doris Budden from Fogo Island , Newfoundland, Photo taken by Yvonne Mullock*. Tradition in Transition: the freezing blue by Christina Colizza

Four of our locally made quilts have been hand picked by textile curator Sandra Reford, to go to a quilting exhibit.

Quilts in "Change Islands", Change Islands, Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada

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Strip quilt - fogo island

Strip quilt - fogo island

Handmade summer quilt and bedding at Fogo Island Inn NL

A Love Letter to Newfoundland & the Fogo Island Inn.