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Halloween DIY  Wand & Botle

Halloween DIY Wand & Botle

Purple fade out to red, orange, yellow. Still a sucker for it.

she used sugarpill's burning heart pallate, which I actually already have!

"With a cocktail in one hand and a wand in the other I can rule the world." ~ I want a magic wand! I've already got the cocktail/wine covered. Lol

Clever "magic wand" tutorial>> they're not exactly harry potter wands because let's be honest, they look nothing like this and there are other tutorials that make them look more like hp wands; however, these would still be cool to make with the kids.

Tutorial on DIY Spell Bottles/Pendants

Tutorial on DIY Spell Bottles/Pendants Supernatural Spell Bottles -shard of quartz crystal and three elderberries. Fire and Creativity Spell Bottle - 6 piece of agate and red pepper flakes

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