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three men in orange vests and hard hats are working on the side of a building
The Role of WRB in Open-Joint Cladding Design
Open-joint cladding systems are unique. While enhancing the visual aesthetics of a building, they expose structural components within the wall to wind, water, and sun, ultimately jeopardizing building performance if not properly protected.
a man is working on the side of a building under construction with scaffolding
John Straube: Ensuring High Quality from Design to Construction
John Straube, PhD, P.Eng, principal at RDH Building Science and professor at the University of Waterloo, insights on a topic that’s critical to the building industry: ensuring the highest quality. #DELTAbyDorken
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DELTA® ACADEMY | What You Can't See Can Hurt You | Dörken Systems Inc.
Running behind schedule has an impact on more than your bottom line: it exposes building materials to harsh environmental conditions for longer than they are engineered to withstand.
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Back to basics: Differences between air and vapor barriers | DELTA® ACADEMY
To make the right decision on which building envelope methods and materials to use, it is critical to understand the differences between air and vapor barriers, and their role as part of an effective wall system.
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Insights from Dr. Joe Lstiburek: Ultraviolet Damage
Dr. Joe Lstiburek, acclaimed educator and founding principle of Building Science Corporation, breaks down the complexity of UV light and how long building materials should be left exposed.
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Airtight Solutions for Open-joint Cladding
Open-joint cladding design elements are being applied by the world’s most advanced building professionals designing some of the most cutting-edge buildings. However, they require extra attention to manage the infiltration of exterior weather.
the inside of a wooden structure with a round window on it's side and water in the background
Top Five Open-joint Cladding Buildings
These five open-joint cladding projects successfully pioneer architectural design and high-performance protection. #DELTAbyDorken
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More than meets the eye: what’s happening behind your stucco and manufactured stone
New this year, Dörken has just released DELTA®-DRY & LATH to help builders protect their stucco and manufactured stone homes. The DELTA®-DRY & LATH system leverages the proven technology of DELTA®-DRY, the first channeled polyethylene sheeting that dries and drains, and that can’t be penetrated by moisture, neither liquid nor vapor.
a very tall building with lots of windows on it's side and sky in the background
High-performing Air Barriers: The Unsung Hero of Construction
A good air barrier provides a separation between controlled indoor air and uncontrolled outdoor air. When used in combination with a good thermal barrier, a well-constructed air barrier will keep the occupants’ space at a more constant temperature without excessive air conditioning or heating. This reduces occupant and building utility costs as well as costs of maintaining heating and cooling equipment.
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Five factors that contribute to moisture-related issues in basements
Today, people think about basements a little bit differently than in the past. While the idea of turning a basement into a livable and comfortable space seems like a necessity, it used to be the opposite. In the past, basements were merely used for storage purposes or were simply left unfinished. Now, the expectation among residents in general is that these spaces should be comfortable, meaning mold free and problem free.
a person's hand holding a wooden stick with mold on the wall behind them
Managing leaky basements without digging yourself into a hole - DELTA® ACADEMY %
Basement leaks can either be slow and steady, gradually seeping into a dwelling over days, weeks, and months, or they can be fast and furious, bursting through walls unannounced to create a new and unwanted indoor pool. Either way, when left untreated, that unwanted moisture can cause major issues when it comes to homeowner comfort and health, and can lead to some serious structural concerns.
there is a blue tarp on the side of a house that has red windows
Sheathing Membranes – Important Characteristics and Codes
Sheathing membranes typically consist of thin sheet materials placed on the exterior side of the sheathing board in exterior wall assemblies. The function of the membranes is to resist the transfer of water and sometimes air (depending on the properties and need) while also allowing for water vapor diffusion (i.e., outward drying) in most scenarios. A number of materials may serve these functions and selection can be complicated.
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Sheathing Membranes: Air Barrier Building Code Requirements - Delta Insights
Sheathing membranes that act as air barriers are typically of the polymeric type, and can be separated into two categories: mechanically fastened and self-adhered. This article will help familiarize you with the North American building code requirements and testing standards in relation to air barrier sheathing membranes.
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A Builder’s First Time Using Peel and Stick House Wrap
When maintaining long-term building integrity, airtightness is an important feature to keep in mind. Airtightness simply means that there are no unintended gaps in the building envelope—gaps that would otherwise cause air leakage in or out of the building. It is an essential performance parameter in helping ensure energy efficiency. How airtightness is achieved comes down to the specifications of the air barrier used throughout the build. More here!
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The critical role of sheathing membranes