Reasons Why Detroit Red Wings Fans Are The Best via BuzzFeed

Photoshop and meme, of course.

Kronwalled---this is what Jillian believes of the squished wild life on the roads.

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so true, but why? Well it used to be Thrifty Acres owned & run by the Meijer family, thus Meijers' Thrifty Acres.

Hell, Michigan--close to Pinckney

Hell, Michigan--close to Pinckney where I lived till I was in Kdgn.


bosses be like, you're still coming to work right.this is how it is for a nurse or anyone who works with the public

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I laughed til I cried.  I asked an old boyfriend that was a hockey ref if he was due soon cuz he missed so many periods.  He didn't find it as funny as I did.

Funny pictures about Hockey signs are usually the wittiest. Oh, and cool pics about Hockey signs are usually the wittiest. Also, Hockey signs are usually the wittiest.