Pictured here is the Autonomous Tent – designed by architect Harry…

Autonomous Tent is an off-grid glamping structure created to pop up almost anywhere in the world.

Gypsy Wagon built from salvaged materials

This is my Farm Stand for Gypsy Wagon Farm.I built it entirely from salvaged materials, save the marine vinyl on the roof(as the weatherproof canvas I first put on.


Recycled plastic bottles have previously been used to make a sustainable home, but an ambitious new project in Panama hopes to use the ubiquitous modern waste product to construct an entire village. It's early days yet, but the idea is that the aptly-name

Modern house with solar panels and smart energy systems

In a high-tech green family home in Culver City, California, Lee + Mundwiler Architects designed a sliding glass wall between the living room and engawa—a deck found in traditional Japanese houses. Photo by: Jessica Haye and Clark Hsiao


This tiny house for sale in Wisconsin was featured on the TV show "Tiny House Nation" and now its for sale.

Shipping Container House Breaks The Boundaries Between Indoor And Outdoor

Shipping Container House Breaks The Boundaries Between Indoor And Outdoor


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Colorful and Captivating Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

Colorful and Captivating Contemporary Bathroom Ideas


Tokyo-based architect Hiroshi Nakamura and his firm NAP Architects have designed & built a unique woodland home that resembles a cluster of timber-clad teepees.


This modern dome home looks like an alien spacecraft. It was built in 1969 and the design was later features in a January 1975 issue of Popular Science. Incredibly enough it’s designed to wit…

Modern recycled material house in the Netherlands

Villa Welpeloo in Enschede, Netherlands Resourceful recyclers have built a house almost entirely out of locally sourced scrap, from old billboards to broken umbrellas.