Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / Chair of Obesity Research and Mangement, University of Alberta
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Healthy Snacks

We all know the old adage: don't eat past 10 P. But what if you're absolutely starving before you head to bed? Here's what you should eat so you fall asleep easily.

inspire diagram Inspire Implant for Obstructive Sleep Apnea FDA Approved (VIDEO)

Poor sleep quality can have serious consequences on the health of a person. Obstructive sleep apnea is particularly dangerous because of the regular cutoff

How to spot bad science

Infographic: A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science. A brief detour from chemistry, branching out into science in general today. This graphic looks at the different factors that can contribute towards 'bad' science - it was inspired by the research I.

SENSIMAT for Wheelchairs to Prevent Pressure Ulcers

CES 2014 Watches Your Fitness: The Latest in Consumer Health and Activity Tracking

LG activity tracker Heart Rate Monitoring Earphones and Matching Activity Tracker Coming Soon from LG

LG has unveiled the company's new technology called HRM Earphone Heart Rate Monitor that will track metabolic rate and maximum oxygen consumption max)

Epson Pulsense Epson Enters Fitness Monitor Market with Pulsense Band and Watch (w/video)

Sports Medicine Devices Market Expected to Reach USD Billion Globally in Transparency Market Research

VERASENSE 2 OrthoSensor Receives CE Mark Approval for VERASENSE Knee System

Orthosensor, a Florida-based company that develops intelligent orthopedic devices which provide real-time feedback regarding their performance, has receive

Synflate 2 DePuy Announces Synflate Balloon for Vertebral Compression Fractures

DePuy Announces Synflate Balloon for Vertebral Compression Fractures