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an old wooden chair made out of logs
Driftwood Chair, Drift Wood,Unique Chair,Feature Chair,Garden, dining chair
Driftwood Chair, Drift Wood,Unique Chair,Feature Chair,Garden, dining chair
a white potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table next to a black chair
Driftwood Tiled Tabletop | Tutorial
Driftwood Tiled Tabletop Tutorial #diy #driftwood #table
four different pictures show how to make a deer head from driftwood and wood sticks
maybe I could do this... kinda love it...
a wine rack made out of wooden pallets with bottles and glasses sitting on top
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Rustic driftwood wine rack. via Etsy. JCDD, Highlands Driftwood Design
a wine rack made out of wood with three bottles attached to the back of it
Handmade Aspen Character Wine Rack - Etsy
Log wine holder, it's on Etsy, but still a great idea to keep in mind for a DIY project.
a shelf made out of driftwood with three shelves on each side and one section open
white washed driftwood shelves...these would look wonderful in my office!
two pictures with different frames made out of wood and some flowers on the table next to them
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Hand-selected pieces of natural Santa Barbara driftwood imbue this classic shape with seaside style. --- MaderaDelMar in Santa Barbara, California
a star made out of wood sticks and other items
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Driftwood star - would look very summery hanging by the back patio
a white sink sitting under a bathroom mirror next to a wooden shelf filled with towels
Seaside Inspiration: Driftwood Decor
Short pieces of driftwood are drilled with holes and strung with wire. Each end of the chain is fixed to a board anchored to the floor or ceiling. Susan Castor Wilson via Apartment Therapy
a light made out of driftwood is hanging from a chain on a beige wall
Ball Driftwood Pendant Light - iD Lights
Driftwood Ball Pendant Light - Shades of Light
three different pictures of a person holding a piece of wood with chains hanging from it
Here is the DIY verion of the driftwood racks I just made with the help of my boyfriend:) Super excited to have some clothes on these babies!
a deer head made out of wood sticks on a wall with another animal's antlers attached to it
Loadedtrunk - Only the Best Home and Decor Products
DIY driftwood deer head. BADASS!
a chandelier made out of shells is hanging from the ceiling in a room
DIY Driftwood Chandelier from Blessed
DIY Driftwood Chandelier. Full Tutorial.....my dad would love this!
a piece of wood with holes in it on a wooden floor next to a wall
10 DIY Driftwood Decoration Ideas To Create A Unique Home Decor
10 DIY driftwood decoration ideas