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an ad for the tea shop with various items on it
Canadian Tea Subscription
The perfect amount of tea to try every month! Subscribe now and get it shipped straight to your door.
the cover of organic green teas direct - source from kagoshima, japan
Organic Japanese Green Teas
Try our new organic Genmaicha, Sencha, and Hojicha direct source from Kagoshima, Japan.
the perfect gift for tea lovers is on top of a small table with flowers in it
Monthly Tea Gift Subscription
It's the gift that keeps on giving! Gift a subscription, and let us take care of the rest!
three cups filled with green tea on top of a white tablecloth next to each other
Organic Japanese Green Teas
Choose from Hojicha, Sencha, Genmaicha, or all three!
How to Brew Green Tea
Green tea leaves are delicate, so the way you brew your tea could greatly impact its flavour. Boiling water may burn the leaves, and a long steep time could bring out bitter flavours.
London Fog Adaptogen Latte Blend
Try our new London Fog Adaptogen Latte blend! Made with Lion's Mane and Ashwagandha to support your overall wellbeing.
London Fog Adaptogen Latte
London Fog Adaptogen Latte
London Fog Adaptogen Latte
London Fog Adaptogen Latte
a table with tea bags and flowers on it, next to a sign that says cozy up with our new fall - inspired teas
NEW Fall Inspired Loose Leaf Teas
Our curated selection of loose leaf teas is here! Hand blended in small batches, they're always organic with no fillers or artificial flavours.
Monthly Tea Subscription Box | Amoda
How do you like your tea? | With our MONTHLY loose leaf tea subscription box, get organic artisan teas delivered straight to your door. Subscribe today!
Organic Artisan Tea Subscription
Get premium organic, artisan loose leaf teas delivered to your door each month! This monthly tea subscription hox makes the perfect gift for yourself or for the tea lover in your life!
the tea box is full of organic artisans to make it easier for you to use
Want to try new teas every month but don't want to commit to a full sized bag? Try our monthly tea subscription, where you'll get 4 sample sizes of premium organic teas delivered to your door each month.
three cups of tea on top of each other with the words, monthly tea subscription box get 100 % organic artisan tea delivered straight to your door
Do you love subscription boxes? Do you love trying new teas every month? With our monthly tea subscription, get organic teas delivered straight to your door.