Sweet Blueberry Biscuits

Cast Iron Sweet Blueberry Biscuits// my family LOVED these! Make sure you don't crowd the middle of the pan. Almost like hand held blueberry cobbler.

Rita's Recipes: Perfectly Chocolate Cake

Rita's Recipes: Perfectly Chocolate Cake 2 C sugar C flour C Hershey's Cocoa t baking powder t baking soda 2 eggs 1 C milk C oil (vegetable, corn, canola) 2 t vanilla 1 C boiling water

Classic Newfoundland Christmas Cookie Recipes.

Classic Newfoundland Christmas Cookie Recipes

A simple collection of some of the most popular cookie recipes from my childhood Christmases in Newfoundland.

Dad's Fish Stew

Dad’s Fish Stew (served over rice). One of the best fish recipes I've ever made! stock for clam juice and italian spice for parsley)

lobster. Newfoundland

Host a Lobster Feast . Lobster is one of my favorite foods. I grew up in Cape Cod and always caught our own.

COOKIE MONTH RECIPE #12 Chocolate Coconut Cake Squares - an easy, decades old, nostalgic recipe that deserves a resurgence in popularity. Soft, moist vanilla cake, dipped in chocolate syrup and rolled in dried coconut. So simply delicious and freezer friendly too!

Chocolate Coconut Cake Squares a. Moist cake squares dipped in chocolate syrup and covered in coconut. A childhood favourite.

Chocolate Mint Nanaimo Bars - another twist on the classic Canadian treat, the Nanaimo bar. Here the sweet vanilla center gets infused with cool mint flavor.

Perfect for your Christmas cookies freezer collection! These delectable, no-bake Chocolate Mint Nanaimo Bars are a twist on a classic Canadian treat that originated in its namesake town in British Columbia.

Jam Jams - the recipe for a homemade version of this perennial Newfoundland favorite treat was unexpectedly popular on the website yesterday. The recipe works well as a plain soft molasses cookie too. Find it along with over 120 of our cookie photos on our cookie board. Click through to follow our expanding collection of tried and tested cookie recipes.

Newfoundland Jam Jams from Purity Factories are an institution here. Here& a recipe for my homemade version of this local molasses and jam cookie classic.

Toutons Benedict - my carb craving continues! I sooooooo want this for brunch today!  This fantastic brunch recipe uses leftover baked ham and a Newfoundland favorite, toutons.

Newfoundland Fried Bread "Toutons" form the base of this delicious Toutons Benedict with lightly fried baked ham and a summer savoury Hollandaise Sauce.

Partridgeberry Pudding

Partridgeberry Pudding with Rum Sauce Newfoundland Recipe. Cookbook of Traditional Newfoundland Meals by Newfoundland.

Recipe for baked beans, by Rodney Bowers. Great cook, originally from Newfoundland, Canada. Fell in love with him on "Marriage Under Construction" and intend to cook any of his recipes I can find! PS...these were a big hit!

Recipe for baked beans, by Rodney Bowers. Great cook, originally from Newfoundland, Canada. Fell in love with him on "Marriage Under Construction" and intend to cook any of his recipes I can find!these were a big hit!

molasses tea buns

Molasses Raisin Tea Buns - Rock Recipes -The Best Food Photos from my St.

Super Easy Lemon Bars - even beginner bakers have tremendous success with this classic cookie bar recipe using just a few very simple ingredients. Just like Grandma used to make.

Super Easy Lemon Bars - the easiest lemon bar recipe I've ever tried actually turned out to be the vest I've ever tasted too! A rich buttery shortbread bottom and a light creamy, tangy lemon custard top.

Corner Brook - Newfoundland Canada

A photo of the Canada Day fireworks lighting up the skies of Corner Brook, Newfoundland on July 2012 by Candace Cunning.