Click here to see this necklace from Ecuador, made from Acai seeds from the Amazon rainforest. $45.00

Every Color Beaded Necklace with Acai Seed and Matching Earrings for me it would be perfect with 3 rows

Blue Triple Strand Beaded Necklace with Earrings #bib #leather #eco Awesome statement piece here:

This gorgeous statement piece with matching earrings will make your outfit pop with gorgeous blue color. Buy now and obtain this fair trade necklace.

Strong Pink Square Tagua Nut Beaded Necklace

This beaded pink necklace will always bring out your strong feminine side. Buy this necklace, feel your strength as a women and shake things up.

Check out these lovely minty green beaded earrings. The gentle color and natural striations will add a unique organic look to any casual outfit. $25.00

Fun and funky minty green earrings that will be your new favorites. Buy now and support fair trade and handmade in Ecuador with organic jewelry.

Long Multicolor Tagua Beaded Necklace  - Very unusual and multi purpose:

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