lantern fest via Flickr

Tissue paper covered mason jar with tea lights. There are plenty of mason jar + lights crafts out there, but this just looks so pretty!

Signal Hill, St. John's

Cape Spear Lighthouse, Newfoundland the most easterly point in all North America!

Salt Harbour

Taken in Salt Harbour - beautiful !


There is something about the isolation of Newfoundland that pits people against the terrain, and so bonds them together. You'll never find warmer people than those born and raised in a rugged climate.

Foggy Horse

Foggy Horse

Misty Cove, via Flickr.

A combination of warm humid air and the cold ocean produced this mist in the middle of a sunny day.

Wilbert's Road by HoodieR, via Flickr

Wilbert's Road by HoodieR, via Flickr