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a yellow duck with a striped hat on it's head is sitting in the dark
Gros dodo
an image of a cartoon mouse with hearts and stars on it's head, in french
Happiness, Instagram, Bonheur, Positive Motivation, Positivity, Quote
a poem written in french with flowers surrounding it
Les erreurs qu’on commet face à un manipulateur pervers narcissique… -
two people leaning against a tree with the caption's in french and english
Si crépue,mais pas que...
a lady bug sitting on top of a green plant
Citations qui me parlent – Page 21 – Le blog de Fanny Freya
the words are written in french and english on a white background with leaves around it
someone is holding up a piece of paper with the words written in french on it
a black and white photo with a quote on it that says, le premer pas pour
a boat floating on top of a body of water
Tu sais que tu es sur le bon chemin - Inspirations pour réussir sa vie
a teddy bear sitting on the ground next to a wall with words written in french
Citations et Panneaux Facebook à partager