Maple Affogatos + Amaretti Cookies

Maple Nutmeg Cold Brew Affogatos + Amaretti Cookies

Assortment idea: Almond Joy - Chewy Amaretto Cookies (Amaretti Morbidi).

Soft Amaretto Cookies (Amaretti Morbidi)

Amaretti Morbidi are a softer, chewier version of the classic Italian almond cookies. And if that wasn't enough reason to bake up a batch, they're also naturally gluten-free and kosher for Passover.

The familiarity of cherry cheesecake is reimagined in this surprisingly simple dessert. In each parfait, a quick, creamy ricotta filling is layered over sweetened poached cherries and topped with crumbled almond cookies from the market.

Cherry and Amaretti Parfaits

Smore parfait: choc pudding, graham crackers and marshmallow cream layers. This post is totally different but photo made me think of the idea. But, how to capture toasted part of s'more marsh?