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You steady me. Slow and sweet we sway. Take the lead and I will follow. As a little girl I would dance barefoot on the hardwood floor preforming ballerina twirls and countless curtsies. You would think the years of practice would carry me into the ballroom, yet my dad calls me grace for a reason. Not by my act of gracefulness, but the lack thereof! Always holding a song in my heart and the passion to dance when anyone is watching, I find my heart full and my feet moving. Still today, ...

Home is wherever YOU are.

you steady me., as a little girl I would dance barefoot on the hardwood floor performing ballerina twirls**~

mr. big and carrie bradshaw

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Quando o coração pede calma, é tempo que a gente dá

Moody memories, intimate moments and instants full of love. Lauren Field is a twenty year old photographer and writer from Portland currently living in New York City. What is the essence…View Post