Homemade Electric Guitar

In this video, I show you the making of my very first electric guitar. this is not a how to video, it is simply a video documentation of the making of a guit.

(The Basics) How to Wood Burn

In this video I show you how to start wood burning for the first time.

How To Make a Zombie Bone Smasher

In This Video, I show you how to make a tribal patterned Zombie bone smasher. It is made of Solid maple and a Razertip Pyrography system was used alon.

Making a Cheap Pen Look Awesome

Here is a video showing you how to take something cheap and simple, like as bic pen, and create something that looks so much better.

DDW-42: TriForce Wood Burning

Another quick wood burning done on maple wood with an pyrography system I hope to upload a video soon that isn't a wood burning.

DDW-39: Canucks Wood Burning

DDW-39: Canucks Wood Burning

Mr T Wood Burning

This is burned into a piece of cherry wood using my.

DDW-37: Recovering Cedar Bowl From Exploding Vase

Recovering Cedar Bowl From Exploding Vase

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