Everything you never knew you didn't know about curling.

What the Heck is Curling, Anyway? [INFOGRAPHIC]

A timely and fun infographic shedding some LIGHT on a unique sport!

Curling stone ice cube tray

I so want this, be cute for bonspiels

'Curling-stone' Condiment Set

"Curling-stone" Condiment Set

View this item and discover similar sterling silver for sale at - Of curling interest. A cased sterling silver condiment set, the mustard pot, salt cellar and pepper pot in the form of curling stones; and the salt spoon

Desktop curling

Desktop curling previously posted in this album, but wanted it near the top again as this collection grows.

Curling "Rocks"

Spiritual: Everyone has their thing that they just love to do like soccer or hockey, but mine is curling. Curling is the sport that I am most dedicated to and I hope it is that way my whole life.

Curling Cake ~ October 2011

" Curling House Round Circular Cake With Mini-Fondant Moulded Stones & Brushes circa October 2011

Morris Curling Club

I haven't seen evidence to prove Curling is steroid free; however, it is true that steroids may not be as tempting to curlers due to the nature of the game.