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Are You More Like Dan Or Phil I got Dan

I got Dan! Are You More Like Dan Or Phil From "Dan And Phil Games?" Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil♡♡♡ Love Them Both

One color is always slightly different. Can your eyes spot it? Take this quiz to find out.

Can your eyes spot it? Take this quiz to find out. Some are super tough and some were very obvious.

I got Very Cherry! Which Jelly Belly Flavor Are You?Well aren’t you popular? In fact, you’re the most popular Jelly Belly flavor of all time! Just don’t let it go to your head… Your red coloring unfortunately isn’t all that unique. There are definitely other beans who get chosen by people mistakenly attempting to select you. We’re looking at you Hawaiian Punch! So make sure you don’t slip, or you could be off to the retirement home.

Jelly Belly Chocolate Pudding Bag: Two pounds of delicious Chocolate Pudding Jelly Belly Beans. Made with real chocolate. The Original Gourmet Jelly Bean, Since Approximately 800 beans.

True bffs!!

*screams* I'm fine, I'm chill let me just *walks by vase drops it, open door* *screams again* *closes door* Mom:.: << this phandom is getting so obvious with our editing i swear😂