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Also, it's not that hard to pick it up and sing along to it. People who don't speak English sing English songs, so.<< yah plus we can read the lyrics and nobody had any problems with listening to despacito so like what's the big deal?


J-Hope hasn't been getting enough love from me lately and he should. He is super sweet, always happy and one of the best damn dancers I have ever seen. He seriously slays every bit of choreography. He is the male Maddie Ziegler.


Read J-Hope ~ Push & Pull from the story BTS Imagines by hellchyeahZL (- HIATUS -) with reads. j-hope, romance, jin. You and Hoseok were best friends si.

Hoseok's hair was perfect in this era

Mmm~ so charming.


Anybody else notice how happy/satisfied/amused Jimin looks with the Maknae's state of undress?> honestly who wouldnt😂😂