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Fluffy Dinner Rolls –

Fluffy one hour dinner rolls-- they were the BEST fast rolls I've ever had or made. I let the dough rise a bit longer of a first rise in the warm oven before shaping, and I made 16 smaller rolls and let them rise to fill a roasting pan. I also brushed t

Zion National Park

Emerald pool at Subway, Zion National Park, Utah. This isn't part of Emerald Pools. It is called "The Subway" Bring your asses out here you two and lets all go for an adventure! This is like an hour from my place here!

Indian Paintbrush and Friends, Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park-- Dawn Anderson posted this photo of absolutely gorgeous Glacier National Park! The pretty little field of flowers in the foreground are so bright and colorful that they just call you into the photo.

1st & 2nd day: naked, timer for short intervals, reward every time they sit. 3rd day: naked in morning, undies in afternoon, timer set for 1 hour, reward when they go.

This is how we potty trained in 3 days with Potty Train in a weekend. You can potty train in three days really easily with these tips. 3 day potty training and even potty training a toddler are all do-able!