Omgoodness, yes.

Canadian problem wet hair turns to icicles

Canadian Problems @Mark Van Der Voort Kerr Krul  "YOUR CHARGING ME CANADA'S TAXES!!!!! I ONLY BROUGHT 7 DOLLARS!" hmgagagagga

yup, math, really!

Used to annoy me so much when I was a kid - but now I know why that is and I don't mix them up anymore.

Used to annoy me so much when I was a kid - but now I know why that is and I don't mix them up anymore. /yeah me too, my teacher explained it to my class

I'm taking french beginners in England and people thought I was joking!

Here in Ontario we learn French in school but only starts in grades You can pursue after that but a lot of us don't. Also, French Canadians think they're better than everyone else.

Canadian Problems. Every time I'm in the States I just sit there and stare and stuff confused.

I can grasp a fluid ounce oz to a cup, etc) but a dry ounce = clueless.

This puzzles me....I have NEVER heard a Canadian say "oot and aboot", we joke about it because Americans think we say this when we don't. Maybe a certain part of Canada we're not aware of? I know I've heard people from parts of the Northern US say these things, but never a Canadian unless they're joking.

Lol you should see my dad when he comes home from a run in the winter…Canadian guy, long Kurt-Cobain-style hair…yeah.

Us Canadians don't even understand it! lol

Its not hockey peeps

ROFL!  That's why there's a warning on snowblowers to only use them on the ground.  Seriously.

Canadian problem Oh my god!My husbands up on the roof every winter doing this!

Canadian Problems // "Rrroll up the rrrim to win!"

hate chewing that cup.

Canadian Problems

Canadian seasons----- yup, 'bout right.

YES! So glad that somebody else has this problem... But why is this specifically a Canadian problem?

So glad that somebody else has this problem. But why is this specifically a Canadian problem?<< Kraft Dinner is bae

Not even just the states!! Everywhere besides Canada!!

I once accidently bumped into someone in the states and I said sorry (but they didn't) but it was funny because I could tell they were just thinking "Yup,that's a Canadian"

This one is huge in the international teaching community! I get made fun of by Canadians if I say "fourth grade" and by Americans if I say "Grade 4" hahaha

Canadian problem grade fours;

Gonna be tellin my spanish teacher this in a few minutes!..... I don't wanna go outside, brrr!!!

Canadian Problems ha ha ha this feeling is so funny!

I still have to look carefully at the American bill to know what denomination it is.

Because coloured money makes sense!

Canadian Problem - they never stay on! Also, when you prick your fingers a hundred times putting them on.

I hate when I lose mine! I walk by the people who sell them and feel guilty if I'm not wearing one!