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ABS + CORE Challenge 🔥🥵
Abs + Core workout that will challenge you, perfect for a finisher or additional circuit to your routine. All you need is one dumbbell. Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, followed by a 20-second rest period. Aim for 2-3 full rounds, taking a break between exercises and rounds. Complete all exercises once before moving on to the next round. Ready to take on the challenge? Tap the link in the bio to begin your training with me and enjoy your first week FREE on our App.
WORKOUT FINISHER 🔥🔥 Try this pull ups & abs combo to finish your session strong 💪
BODYWEIGHT CORE // UPPER BODY 🔥 no equipment needed 💫
STRONG ABS 🔥🔥 Here are some of my favourite exercises 🆙 Give it a try ✅
ABS ON FIRE 🔥No equipment needed 😈🥵
MORNING CORE ROUTINE 🧘‍♀️☀️ Come, join in ❤️
Join me for an ABSolutely hardCORE workout 😉😉 Are you ready to start? Save + Share ⚡️❤️
ABSOLUTELY STRONG CORE 💦💦 Strengthen & stabilize your core muscles 💪 Have a good workout 👏
ABS // CORE WORKOUT 🔥💦Improve your core strength with me 💕💕 Are you ready? 👍🆙
EPIC WORKOUT FINISHER 🔥🔥🔥 Core - Abs- Back Burnout 💪💪
KILLER CORE // ABS CIRCUIT👍👍 Get strong core and toned abs 🔝 Ready for the burn? 🔥
Killer Core // ABS Circuit 💦💦 I love training my core and abs minimum 2-3 per week. We all know that abs are made in the kitchen however a strong midsection is an invaluable asset. Perform each exercise for 45 sec right after each other as a circuit. You can keep 5-10 sec rest in between. 3-4 rounds total. 1) Opposite Hand to Toe Crunch • 2) Double Leg Lift • 3) In / Out Leg Lift • 4) Russian Twist • 5) Crab Dance • 6) Hollowb. hold • 7) Crunch with Reach • 8) Froggie Crunches • 9) Flutter Kicks Have a good workout 🏋️‍♀️ Let’s connect 💪❤️ Instagram @edinapecsi • www.ucoaches.com // train with me 🔝☑️🍑
ABS // CORE WORKOUT 4 sets 15-20 reps each exercise //www.ucoaches.com // @edinapecsi 👉 Instagram
AB / CORE Finisher 🔥🔥
Take on this bodyweight AB/CORE workout at the end of your main session or just by itself 💪💪 Follow link for workout description 🤩
I’m back with a fun AB workout. Add dumbbells and ankle weights if you want more challenge ✌️💪