CEFR and DELF Songs and Videos

These are video clips of the OFFICIAL C.E.F.R. and D.E.L.F. songs and music videos of DJ DELF available at http://www.educorock.com, http://www.djdelf.com and ITunes. All songs just 1.29 cents each and all Official Music Videos (with Lyrics) just $2.99 each.
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▶ Ma journée typique (D.J. D.E.L.F.) - YouTube

introduces students to a typical day in the life of a rock star. Activities cover common phrases used to describe many aspects of daily life.

▶ Faisons du shopping ! (D.J. D.E.L.F.) - YouTube

Via the interactive activities, students will discover & practice the vocabulary needed to interact in any shopping environme.

▶ C'est moi (D.J. D.E.L.F.) - YouTube

Activities guide students towards maintaining a spontaneous conversation regarding their ever-changing thoughts, deeds .

▶ Suivez mes directions ! (D.J. D.E.L.F.) - YouTube

uses a techno beat to navigate students through to streets of his city. Activities offer cover routine tasks as one goes about their business n.

▶ Bravo ! (D.J. D.E.L.F.) - YouTube

pumps out 40 positive, polite, energetic and commonly used phrases that can be frequently and seamlessly injected into any daily, life conversa.

▶ Une planète à partager (D.J. D.E.L.F.) - YouTube

raps about his friends and family around the world in this energetic hip-hop song. The accompanying activities engage students in learning and .

▶ Mon point de vue (D.J. D.E.L.F.) - YouTube

This serious rap song and unit serves as a guide to assist students in explaining viewpoints, constructing arguments, defending opinions, and negotiating wit.