5-Blade Herb Scissors ~ 40 GENIUS Kitchen Gadgets

RSVP Herb Scissors with 5 parallel blades cut herbs quickly and evenly without crushing them.

My OCD likes this! Avocado Cuber: Useful product designed for making uniform-sized cubes of avocado

Avocado Cuber

Are you an avocado fanatic? You toss slices or cubes of avocado into salads, soups, and just toss them on your plate to enjoy with a meal? The Avocado Cuber is designed to speed up your preparation time. You just cut your avocado in half,

The ZipStrip Herb Stripper from Chef’n is a simple but very handy and innovative kitchen tool for stripping herbs from their stems quickly and easily. It’s a bowl that’s shaped like a spoon, with the handle angled up a bit.  http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/zipstrip-herb-stripper/

ZipStrip Herb Stripper

Cool Kitchen Gadgets - Chefn ZipStrip Herb Zipper: Just pull the herb stem through the correctly sized hole, and the fresh herbs fall right into the built-in measuring cup!

Collapsible Over-the-Sink Colander #cooking #kitchen #gadgets

Conserve cupboard space with this clever collapsible colander. Use it to strain steaming pasta, then neatly collapse it when the meal is done for completely compact storage. W x HHolds 6 qt.

Garlic peeler

50 Useful Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

Cool Kitchen Gadgets - Garlic Peeler GOT ONE IT WORKS GREAT! The easiest way to peel garlic! The unique shape keeps the garlic inside while rolling, and the peels stick to the tube while.

2-Tier Countertop Spice Rack w/ 12 Jars

Check out this item at One Kings Lane! Countertop Spice Rack w/ 12 Jars

Love this Black Dual PepperBall Grinder on #zulily! #zulilyfinds

Dual PepperBall Pepper Grinder (Black) - Chef'n BThe Chef'n Dual Pepperball was featured in the May 2010 issue of Real Simple magazine.bpSave time seasoning when you use the Dual PepperBall P.

Tools to Help You Save Time in the Kitchen - tips from Life as Mom

3 Handy Tools to Help You Save Time in the Kitchen

Here are three of my favorite small kitchen appliances to make my kitchen work quicker and easier.