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step by step instructions on how to paint a room in teal and white colors
15 Simple Ideas to Make Wall Arts - Pretty Designs
My DIY Projects: Make your home stylish from the floor to ceiling with a freshly painted feeling!
there is a room that has bookshelves in it
Potts Point Apartment / Anthony Gill Architects
Potts Point Apartment / Anthony Gill Architects
a large chicken cage sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a patio table
LOVE this screened in outdoor cat area.. My inside cats would LOVE to be able to climb out a window for some fresh air (no design plans)
a black and white photo of a bed in a room with stairs leading up to it
33 Modern Cat and Dog Beds, Creative Pet Furniture Design Ideas
Cat crate Bed Creative Pet Furniture Design Ideas
a bunk bed with a couch underneath it and the word pinterest above it
[ Loft Bed ] .. concept, but I would hang curtains from the top so the bed wasn't visible. Oh, and I think I'd move that cieling fan while I'm at it =P ..
a cat sitting on the ledge of a loft above a dining room table and chairs
Cat Trees & Scratchers, Living With Pets - Pet living tips: a kitty catwalk - Pets Trends
You wouldn't know these design elements are for cats if the cats weren't there. dream home! FULL OF CATS!
a bed sitting inside of a bedroom next to a wooden wall
16 Happy Hibernations Creatively Designed For Ultimate Comfort — DESIGNED
16 Happy Hibernations Creatively Designed For Ultimate Comfort — DESIGNED w/ Carla Aston
a kitchen with a sink, counter top and cabinets in the middle is being remodeled
Adventures in Home Building
Adventures in Home Building Canine Refreshment Station or "The Doggie Bubbler"
two cats sitting on top of wooden shelves in a kitchen
Unbelievable Cat-friendly House Design from Japan • hauspanther
Turn your home into a feline wonderland by positioning different sized floating shelves at varying positions across your walls. A cheap alternative to a cat tree that kitty is sure to love.
a bedroom with mountains painted on the wall
The “Mountain Mural” Bedroom Makeover
The "Mountain Mural" Bedroom Makeover — Decorating Project
a living room filled with lots of furniture and candles
Bohemian Homes
Not my typical style, but there is something really appealing to me about the bed on the floor, the simple walls, and rugs upon rugs.
the stairs in this home are full of storage
Stair case storage. I Love it when every nook and cranny is used at it's maximum potential!
there is a dog that is laying down in the window sill on the stairs
Top 10 Interesting Design Ideas for Pet Spaces
Love the dog spot under the stairs, or for like a basement stair case; turn in into a "play house" for kids.
a glass table with wooden legs on a white surface
Paris Table by William Weber of Akron, OH. 2015 NICHE Awards Finalist. Category- Wood: Traditionally Joined #wood, #table