The world needs more Canada.

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I am Canadian Poster

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! The famous "My Name is Joe, and I am Canadian!

I am Canadian!

I Am Canadian Rant - performed by Canadian actor Jeff Douglas and directed by American, Kevin Donovan, but written by a Canadian, Glen Hunt. The commercial won an advertising industry Gold Quill award in

Team Canada - Hockey (2010 Vancouver Olympics)

Team Canada's 2010 Olympic hockey jerseys feature the design work of Musqueam artist Debra Sparrow.

Canada through the words of others.

Beautiful, funny and odd Canadian quotes spoken by famous and anonymous people, that make the Canadian heart swell with pride.

I am Canadian - Even more quotes!

I am Canadian Bos

"The World Needs More Canada" by Indigo/Chapters

The World Needs More Canada, a video tribute to Canadian pride from Indigo Books.

Colourful Canadian Money

Show me the money - Canadian money is so colorful and interesting as opposed to that out of date greenback stateside. Heck, they are still on the old imperial system of measurement.