400 Subscribers !!!  Thank you !!!

Thank you to everyone, this is an awesome day indeed !

LOSER WARS - 4chan Attack !

After a period of consuming chocolate, select individuals took it upon themselves to attack this channel.

A message from the Future - Dr.Who

A message from the Future April Fools :) April Fools :) April Fools :) April Fools :)

Donald Trump Buys Mount Rushmore !

Donald Trump has gone and bought Mount Rushmore and gave it a facelift. Song: "Hit The Drumpf" [ Parody Song ] FrankZoo Jun Original Video: http.

Buzzy Buzzy Buzzy Bee

Just a little bee doing what he does best, collecting pollen !

Alien Abduction - Rejection

A confused and rejected Vincent Vega wanders off in a daze.

New Candidate - Donna Trump

This is more of a "How I do it", I am by no means professional, I just like to have fun. Feel free to leave a comment and challenge me to do someone else !