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Insane facts about Canada…

Insane facts about Canada…

Funny pictures about Insane facts about Canada. Oh, and cool pics about Insane facts about Canada. Also, Insane facts about Canada.


What a cool tool to use in teaching economic issues! A look at a variety of common items and how much they cost in the most expensive cities in the World.

Aboriginal identity in Canada. By 2015, people of First Nations descent will compose of 25% of the total population in British Columbia.

Statistics Canada’s National Household Survey shows that people had an Aboriginal identity in Projections show that the Aboriginal identity population in Canada could be million.

Amazing Maps - Where do countries import the most from?

Amazing Maps on

Amazing Map for Social Studies - Where do countries import the most from?

21st Century Challenges A to Z - RGS Great for provocations and site has great information

century challenges, global, challenge, geography - Century Challenges - Royal Geographical Society with IBG

Mining Builds Communities - Ontario

Mining Builds Communities in Ontario - Mining's value is not limited solely to the resources it extracts from the ground. Here's a breakdown from Visual Capitalist on how mining contributes to Ontario.

A striking map created by John Matherly at search engine Shodan shows significant disparities in internet access across the world.

This World Map Shows Every Device Connected To The Internet

Birds eye view of Toronto growth since 1879

From the rise of the Financial District to the birth of the condo tower, the degree to which Toronto has developed since the mid is nothing s.

map outlining Ontario's forests regions Ministry of Natural Resources

Ontario's Crown forests cover almost two-thirds of the province. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry manages the health of these forests so they can continue to provide ecological, economic and social benefits.