Patati Patata in Montreal, QC

Patati Patata in Montreal, QC (cheap, poutine!


See 146 photos from 780 visitors about tacos, johnny cakes, and bánh mì sandwiches. "These guys can get pretty imaginative with their Mexi-eats,.

Mandy's in Montreal, QC

Mandy's in Montreal, QC

Le Vin Papillon in Montreal, QC

"The menu changes but if you get a chance at the gnocchi and the.

Nora Gray in Montreal, QC

Northern Italian hole-in-the-wall gem :)

Gryphon d'or in Montreal, PQ

See 8 photos and 6 tips from 63 visitors to Gryphon d'or. "Here for afternoon tea.

Greenspot in Montreal, QC

See 101 photos and 36 tips from 633 visitors to Greenspot. "This place is the cure for hangover. Hot dog, burger, poutine, breakfast, you name it.

Café Santropol in Montreal, QC

Café Santropol in Montreal, QC

Resto Végo in Montreal, QC

See 44 photos and 23 tips from 580 visitors to Resto Végo. "Vegetarian buffet with a good menu. Those who eat gluten-free are well served. Meals are.

Kafein in Montreal, QC

See 120 photos from 541 visitors about coffee, sandwiches, and good for a quick meal.

Le Filet in Montréal, PQ

See 82 photos and 38 tips from 695 visitors to Le Filet. "The eminent foursome of Le Club Chasse et Pêche has won Plateau fidelity with emphasis on.

Ludger in Montreal, QC

See 87 photos from 479 visitors about beef tataki, Dark 'n Stormy, and octopus. Lived the oysters too.