FRENCH Back to school bundle/Ensemble d'activités La rentrée

FRENCH Back to school PACK/Ensemble d'activités La rentrée

French Vocabulary: 129 Most Common Adjectives

French Vocabulary: 129 Most Common Adjectives

Le vocabulaire des animaux, les couleurs, la grandeur, et l'habitat.

Activités de lecture sur les animaux (Reading Activities for Animals Vocabulary)

French Sight Words | mmerode

French Sight Words

Here are some PDF files for French sight word lists. These are high frequency words that are used in our class. It is beneficial to practice reading and writing these words so your child becomes …

Enfin, je vais à l'école!

Enfin, je vais à l'école!

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Top 10 Things Your Kids Will Want To Do in Quebec City - Quebec City 101

We have traveled to Quebec City many times and there are some experiences that our daughter looks forward to. We have also realized that many other children enjoy them as well so we figured.

Learn French at About has everything you need to learn French - lessons, sound files, study tips, Q & A forum, and so much more. It's all online and it's all free, so come to Learn French at About.

Learn How to Get Started With the French Language

French homophones can cause difficulties in oral comprehension and spelling. Learn the difference between the most common French homophones.


online listening activities to learn sounds - at times the sound quality makes it difficult to hear sound clearly thogh