Organizing Pots and Pans — Kitchen-related design from our network

Organizing Pots and PansKitchen-related design from our network

Would be nice to do with my pots and pans storage cupbord! A tall enough cabinet for the tall pots a shallow enough for baking pans. And vertical storage for sheets & cutting boards - brilliant !

armoire turned into multipurpose storage. I might have to do this!

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Try Upright Storage We need a ton of these units. I have so many platters, cutting boards, cookie sheets etc. I could outfit a kitchen store myself.

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I like this idea better than a lazy susan. Every lazy susan I've ever used always gets stuck & stuffs falls off it mid turn!

Pas mal pour les réserves de farine, sucre, pâtes, riz, etc.

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We can provide a variety of cabinetry to fit most budgets. Since we are a custom wood working shop as well as a pre-made cabinetry dealer we can offer you all the options in our South Florida location.