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What I Gained From Doing a 25 Day Yoga Challenge

I recently completed a 25 day yoga challenge, where I took 25 classes in 25 days. Prior to the challenge, I’d been practic

Love Your Body | Elisabeth Ricarda Health Coaching

Love your body 2016 program for weight loss, nutrition, self love and body image for women.

How I Learned to Love My Body. And Myself.

My latest program is called Love Your Body. Helping women love their bodies is obviously something I feel strongly about, and it

10 Foods a Health Coach Always has in her Kitchen

A great way to stay healthy is to always have fresh, whole foods at home. It helps to mitigate those craving-induced trips to th

How I Got My Highschool Body Back

Time for some real talk. For those of you that didn’t know me in you may not know that I gained over 30 lbs kgs)

Health Advice from an 86 Year Old Yogi

My new grandmother-in-law, Laura Beth, is an inspiring woman. At she’s still driving, practices yoga daily, volunteers

What I Learned From (Nervously) Doing a Boudoir Photo Shoot

To buy some sexy lingerie, get in front of the camera and basically feel like a Victoria&rsq

Interview with a European Fashion Model

This week I’ve decided to share a mini mid-week post with all of you! Lucky for me, I know some really interesting people,

Body Image Around the World

Rethink Your Role Model -- Celebrate Dove's ad campaign and choose positive role models. Women that help you feel good about who you are, rather than ones who make you feel bad. Find a female role model who is strong, healthy -- and real!