greatest hoax -

Jonathan Sarfati PhD exposes contradictions in the evolutionary thinking of Darwin and Dawkins in this “Australian Presbyterian” magazine interview.

Spectacular, surprising seals -

too cute animals sea lions animals. Awwwwwww so flipping cute!

Reality of Creation -

Planet migrations and collisions that could threaten life on Earth are unlikely solutions to the faint young sun paradox.

Late Cenozoic flood boundary -

Creationist researcher Mike Oard argues that the post-Flood boundary in the rocks is generally around the Late Cenozoic.

disaster biblical proportions -

Modern floods and other natural disasters are often described as biblical by the same people who deny the biblical Noah's Flood

Dawkins upset -

Richard Dawkins Outrages Atheists Living Waters / The Way of the Master

The earth: how old does it look? -

Diagram of helium escaping from the rocks into the atmosphere, but little escaping into space

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