Almonte Christmas Bed

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a potted plant with pine cones and evergreens in it on a table next to a window
some plants that are sitting on the side of a building with lights in them and bushes
December, 2018 | Dirt Simple
December, 2018 | Dirt Simple
a red plant with lots of small lights in it's center surrounded by other plants
Winter Red | Deborah Silver & Co.
two hanging baskets filled with christmas decorations
20 Creative Ways To Use Fresh Evergreen In Your Christmas Decorating
a potted plant with red berries and greenery on the outside of a house
a window sill decorated with christmas lights and greenery, surrounded by red berries
Winter containers both extravagant and simple
two people standing in front of some plants
winter container arrangements
a large planter filled with lots of plants on top of a cement floor next to trees
At A Glance: Recent Work | Deborah Silver & Co.
At A Glance: Recent Work | Deborah Silver & Co.
a large potted plant sitting on top of a stone floor next to trees and bushes
container planting
Container Planting | Dirt Simple
a window sill decorated with pine cones, berries and greenery in front of a circular window
How to create a winter window box
a woman kneeling down in front of a planter filled with red flowers and greenery
A 2020 Winter Container: Start To Finish | Deborah Silver & Co.