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Value, tint, and shade landscapes using tempera paint, gold, and silver. Artsonia Art Museum: Artwork by

Canada unit... Luscious Layered Landscapes lesson plan (in style of artist Ted Harrison)

Art Smart Jr/Sr - Canadian Art - Layered Landscapes (in style of artist Ted Harrison)

Ted Harrison Project and PPT Presentation

Art Class presentation for Spanish students about Canadian Artist Ted Harrison including project ideas


Mysterious dunes enlightened by the moon, or lonely mountains in a hot desert? The landscapes painted by the students of Grade 6 are almost abstract and silent. The exercise of the gradations has b…

Ted Harrison Paintings

Grade ONEderful: My Grade 1 Classroom: Ted Harrison Paintings art,Hiver & Noel,Kidz,Winter,

Ted Harrison | Island Art Publishers

Ted Harrison - Cards, prints and calendars by Canadian artist Ted Harrison from Island Art Publishers.