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1896 U.S. Silver Certificate

What our money used to look like: 1896 5 dollar bill. "Electricity as the Dominant Force in the World"

Banknote 10 Dutch guilders 1891

Banknote 10 Dutch guilders 1891

File:AUS-9c-Commonwealth of Australia-100 Pounds (1918).jpg

File:AUS-9c-Commonwealth of Australia-100 Pounds (1918).jpg

File:1 pound de Palestine, 1939.jpg

Palestine (A"Y) 1 Pound 1939 - Palestine Currency Board - Catawiki

Palestinian Pound currency

5 Palestinian Artifacts That Prove Palestine NEVER Existed

King Tut's Prophesied U.S. Black Millennium of New Atlantis: Inner Hedonism

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