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a bowl filled with lots of ripe strawberries
a person holding up a piece of fruit in front of many durians on the ground
people sitting at tables under umbrellas in an outdoor cafe area with palm trees on the other side
the shelves are filled with different types of coffee beans and other things to buy at the store
the inside of a house with stained glass windows and wooden stairs leading up to it
people sitting at tables in a restaurant with green brick walls and lights on the ceiling
Senja express coffe
a large christmas tree in the middle of a mall
two people riding bikes down the middle of a street with trees on both sides of them
two people standing in front of a counter at a fast food restaurant with menus hanging from the ceiling
a car driving down a street next to a tall white tower with a clock on it's side
a room with large windows and couches in it
many people are sitting at tables under lights
the inside of a restaurant with tables and chairs under an awning that is open
Pi’erre Bourne 🖤
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and white chairs
people are sitting at tables in a large room with high ceilings and lots of windows
the outside of a restaurant with two clocks on it
people sitting at tables in a restaurant with food on the table and one person holding a cell phone
Insta; @nurulfziaaa✨
people are sitting at tables with drinks and food in front of the restaurant's entrance
a menu on the side of a restaurant with different drinks in cups and sauces
the dashboard of a car at night with city lights and buildings in the back ground
the inside of a shopping mall with people walking around
an open window with the view of a corn field
several people sitting at tables in front of a store with their backs turned to the camera
a woman sitting on a bench in front of a mirror
several people are shopping in a store with pink and red decorations on the wall behind them
a display in a grocery store filled with watermelon, melons and other fruits
an iced coffee in a plastic cup next to a purse
several people sitting at tables in a room
Fish & Co. Hartono Mall📍Yogyakarta
a hand holding an ice cream cone in front of a display case filled with gelato
a reebok store front with people walking in the doorway and onlookers
a man pouring milk into a blender in front of a sign that says elephant
two plates with food on them sitting on a table next to each other and the words marbatah gapa
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs in front of a neon sign on the wall
two people sitting on a bench in front of a street with buildings and palm trees
a store front with the word dior on it
pinterest| @fleurz
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