Haldir Tribute

A Tribute to Haldir Marchwarden of Lothlorien and my first video so nice comments please!

Haldir - Hero

This is a Haldir Tribute. I got alittle teary eyed as I was making this My second Video

My Immortal (Haldir)

What if Haldir left someone behind when he went to Helms Deep? Please be kind, this is my first video :-) Video Clips belong to "Lord of the Rings," New Line.

On Your Shore --- The Lord of the Rings

Title: Upon Your Shore Fandom: The Lord of the Rings Song: Upon Your Shore by Enya Description: A Haldir video! I don't know why, but I was suddenly str.

Haldir-Far away

My first MV, hope you like it. Dedicated to our great Haldir.

Haldir - Bad Case of Loving You

A video of the sexy Haldir ^_^ (My first video ever, please be nice)