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white flowers and candles are sitting on a table
. . . @juno_photography @celebrationsgroup @ateliercarmel
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs set up for formal function at night, lit by string lights
L I G H T . . . @joelandjustyna @productionseventex @ateliercarmel @luxerentals @groupeabp @tenuedesoiree_
a group of wooden branches with flowers and leaves on top of each branch in front of a black background
A L T A R . . . @joelandjustyna @ateliercarmel
an indoor dining area with many tables and chairs, lit up by string lights at night
D I N N E R . . . @joelandjustyna @luxerentals @tenuedesoiree_ @groupeabp @ateliercarmel @productionseventex
an empty stage with benches and lights in the dark, lit up by spotlights
Someday very soon dance floors will be packed again . . . @joelandjustyna @productionseventex @luxerentals
a long table with many place settings and candles on it in front of large windows
Well this weekend was a bit of a crystalnacht in our industry. My heart and soul go to all of us who plan parties cook food iron tableclothes light candles deliver chairs.... and essentially cater to one of mankind's oldest instincts to gather and celebrate. . My head is spinning and yet my team and I are here for each and everyone of our clients as we deal with all of our collective fears and anxieties. . Sending everyone much love peace and comfort. . #postponedontcancel #staysafe #thistooshal
the table is set with white flowers and candles
S T R U C T U R E . . . @stevegerrard @celebrationsgroup @luxerentals @joesprophouse @productionseventex @events_vieuxportmtl @ateliercarmel @eva.invitalia @yummicandles
a place setting with white flowers and silverware
P L A C E S E T T I N G . . . @stevegerrard @ateliercarmel @celebrationsgroup @luxerentals @eva.invitalia
a dining room set up with blue velvet banquet chairs
R O O M . . . @stevegerrard @luxerentals @joesprophouse @celebrationsgroup @productionseventex @events_vieuxportmtl @ateliercarmel
a party room with checkered floor and lights
P A R T Y . . . @amyandstuart @productionseventex @luxerentals @joesprophouse @djzoforever @ateliercarmel
an outdoor venue lit up with purple lights and trees in the foreground at night
T I L T H E B R E A K O F D A W N . . . @amyandstuart Fiesta Tent @productionseventex
there are many different types of desserts on the table in front of each other
C A K E . . . @amyandstuart @societetraiteur
tables set up for an event with floral centerpieces and hanging chandeliers
F O R E V E R / F A V O U R I T E . . . @amyandstuart @ateliercarmel @productionseventex @luxerentals @joesprophouse @tenuedesoiree_ @groupeabp Fiesta Tent
rows of white chairs with greenery hanging from the ceiling in an indoor wedding venue
C E R E M O N Y . . . @amyandstuart @luxerentals @productionseventex @joesprophouse @ateliercarmel Fiesta Tent
a bouquet of white and pink flowers sitting on top of a wooden table with grass in the background
P E R F E C T I O N . . . @amyandstuart @ateliercarmel