Eric MacStravick

Eric MacStravick

We run tings. Tings nah run we. CARPE DIEM.
Eric MacStravick
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Rutee Katrea from Tales of Destiny About theme: I always loved Rutee and coud not understand why so many people hate her, while she is cool and cares about children so much.

Asher Kendrell from Transistor.

Book Illustrations, Fanart, Challenges, Women

30 Palette Challenge Revisited Velvet from Tales of Berseria Patreon

Andromeda Shun from Saint Seiya About theme: Saint Seiya is fabulous! About execution/critique: Sometimes pictures looks cool in your head, but when you actually draw it, they turn out… meh.

30 Palette Challenge Revisited Lacryma Christi from Legend of Kartia Patreon

autumn-sacura: “ Buddy from Lisa - The Painful RPG and Lisa - The Joyful About theme: Lisa is the best Earthbound-inspired RPG! About execution/critique: good palette, bad lines. I tried to make a stylised picture, but it came out very.

Led from Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator About theme: If you remember this game - congratulations, you are older than 30 and still alive!