Emily Bugeja

Emily Bugeja

Everywhere, therefore nowhere / My first world self.
Emily Bugeja
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Orion Nebula; M 42, NGC 1976

This Nasa image captured on April shows baby stars creating chaos light-years away in the cosmic cloud of the Orion Nebula. Four massive stars make up the bright yellow area in the center of this false-color image for the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Dumb Bell Nebula; M 27, NGC 6853

The Dumbbell Nebula (also known as Apple Core Nebula, Messier M or NGC is a planetary nebula in the constellation Vulpecula, at a distance of about light years.

Cat Eye Nebula; NGC 6543

Cat's Eye Nebula, NGC in the constellation of Draco. It is one of the most complex nebulae known. LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN EYE - we are a part of everything!