French Letter Writing/Comment écrire une lettre

French Letter Writing/Comment écrire une lettre

**BUNDLE UP and SAVE Check out my French Writing Series! Ready to spice up your current Writing program?

20+ links to sites that will read aloud stories in French; some are familiar to me but most are new!

Randall's Learning Library: Listening Center Response Cards - great way to make this center more effective without adding more worksheets! Randall teacher out there somewhere!

Centre ideas for FSL - Primary French Immersion Resources

Centre ideas for FSL classrooms! Can be used in French Immersion or Core French classrooms! Working on oral communication, reading, and writing! 2016 01 assessments.png

I need Assessment Ideas. "There are so many opportunities to assess learning. When do you assess learning? How do you assess learning. Here are more places to find out about assessments.