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furries meme - Google Search

"So you hate furries? Tell me again how your SWAG has raised money for charity." yet another reason i love furries!

I don't really consider myself a furry , but I love fursuiting ... if that makes sense

I may not be a true furry but I support it because that's what a proper human Bing does.

I vow NEVER to back down! We are untameable! We can be ourselves! Never let anyone stereotype you. Ever! #FurriesUnite!

Heh there is a group of kids at school who tease me and call me a furry just because I was drawing furries as characters for a story a friend of mine wanted my help for. Unfortunately one of them is even in my band class. But hey haters gonna hate

Share if You Agree Ignore if You Hate Furries

Why do people hate furries? Is it about the yiff/sexual part or is it just people wearing fursuits?