Macaroni au fromage santé

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese Recipe by SP_STEPF via This is an awesome HEALTHY alternative to regular mac and cheese. The butternut squash is the key-made this tonight and it was a huge hit with my husband.

Burrito aux haricots noirs et patates douces

Black beans and yams burrito 6 servings Per serving: 396 calories / 55 g carbs / 14 g fat/ 19 g proteins / 5 g fibre

Easy to prepare Chicken Tikka recipe. Tikka is a popular chicken dish in Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

Sweet Treat: Maple Syrup Flavoured Pears & Yogurt Jars - Nautilus Plus

Frittata déjeuner

420 calories / 43 g glucides / 16 g gras / 29 g protéines / 8 g fibres

Mijoté marocain aux pois chiches, courges et raisins secs

Moroccan Stew with Chickpeas, Squash, and Raisins - Nautilus Plus