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Paperwork Organizer (Home). This will work in my laundry room or will this work on a cabinet?

Homework Center-- pottery barn filers Beautifully organized Family Command Center -- organize each child's school papers, artwork, homework assignments, and forms. TIP: Each week's end, go through each box; discard and file away as needed.

How to hide all those ugly cords

Maybe use this idea for all the cords under Justin's desk. Maybe stack a few boxes and cut hole in tops and bottoms to snake cords through.

Charging Station. Stefanie you need to do this. DIY Monday # Recycled shoeboxes

Kind of a fun idea. Even if you don't have a dorm there are some really cute DIY projects *This old cardboard shoe box can be transformed into a pretty organizer for your ugly cords.

Make a To Do List | Easy Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

As September inches closer, dread about the new school year mixes with your lofty goals of getting straight As and staying super organized, put together, and on top of everything. You buy lots of new school supplies that you hope will help you keep it tog